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Trade in old equipment and save on the most advanced AEP and handheld OAE systems

 Save big on this Interacoustics Titan and Eclipse combo when you trade in qualifying legacy equipment. Get in touch with your local e3 office today to learn more!



The Interacoustics Eclipse is the world’s most dynamic AEP system, providing you with one dedicated platform to satisfy all of your clinical testing needs.

  • Optional software modules for all facets of AEP and OAE (ASSR, DPOAE, TEOAE, etc.)
  • Intuitive user interfaces make for streamlined operation
  • Freedom to customize and change settings to suit your specific needs
  • Unique pre-amplifier technology



Titan is a future-proof handheld OAE that packs unprecedented power in a compact, portable device. Software modules allow you to perform AEP, OAE, WBT, and impedance testing on one platform.

  • Lightweight design takes up little space and allows for portability
  • High-resolution color display makes results easier to interpret and more attractive
  • Ability to switch between handheld and PC mode
  • Flexibility to test through multiple probe and transducer configurations