A New Approach to Tinnitus Assessment

Break away from the limitations of your audiometer with the MedRx Tinnometer.

Designed specifically for tracking tinnitus, this innovative software allows you to easily follow changes in tinnitus with NOAH™ sessions, generate custom reports specific to tinnitus assessments meeting Medicare requirements, and add recurring revenue to your practice with yearly tinnitus assessments.

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Revolutionary Tinnitus Tracking

You can either add the Tinnometer software to an existing MedRx audiometer or purchase the standalone hardware unit. From there, start confidently tracking your patient's tinnitus, and benefit from accuracy in tinnitus assessment like never before!

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Comprehensive Tinnitus Assessment

  • Confidently Track Tinnitus

    NOAH™ sessions make it easy to track any changes in patient's tinnitus. Empowers you to conrol level, shape, 
    and frequency.

  • Customized Stimulus and Reports

    Create custom stimuli and reports for patients with more unique tinnitus issues and needs. 

  • Save and Recall Sessions

    Digitally save results to the software and easily recall them when you need to. The Tinnometer is also compatible with NOAH™ for additional storage needs.

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