All-in-One Audiometer for Occupational Health

The Tremetrics RA660 is an all-in-one audiometer made specifically for occupational hearing health professionals. Equipped with an integrated bio-acoustic simulator and Tremetrics' patented HearCon software, it provides you with all the tools you need in one compact package. Best of all, it enables you to test up to eight people simultaneously, saving your hearing conservation program time and money!

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OSHA-Compliant, PC-Based Audiometer

Did you know that OSHA requires you to save hearing test records for 70 years? Instead of making you hold onto all of that paper for all of that time, the RA660 allows you to go paperless and digitally store results. Additionally, the RA660 features an optional octave band monitor that constantly analyzes the ambient conditions of your environment in real time. This ensures that your hearing conservation program is always in full compliance with OSHA and ANSI standards.

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Total Hearing Conservation in One Package


Integrated Bio-Acoustic Simuator

The RA660 comes with a built-in Bio-Acoustic Simulator, saving you space and simplifying the functionality of the system.


HearCon Software

Innovative software allows you to test up to eight patients at once and digitally store test results, increasing the efficiency of your hearing conservation program.


OSHA Compliance

Optional octave band monitor constantly analyzes ambient conditions of environment, ensuring full compliance with OSHA and ANSI standards.

A Wide Range of Features Useful for Occupational Health Professional

  • Fully integrated Bio-Acoustic Simulator
  • Quickly test up to eight people simultaneously with easy and intuitive Tremetrics HearCon Software Package
  • Wall mount included, which conveniently houses the audiometer, patient response switch, and headset
  • Simplified installation, with only one cable into the sound booth
  • Lightweight and portable, weighing only 1 pound
  • Optional real-time OSHA and ANSI compliant octave band monitor